Christmas 2017 Holiday Hours

Don’t forget our Christmas 2017 Holiday Hours:

Monday Dec. 18 10am-5pm
Tuesday Dec. 19 9am-7pm
Wednesday Dec. 20 9am-7pm
Thursday Dec. 21 9am-7pm
Friday Dec. 22 9am-7pm
Saturday Dec. 23 9am-7pm
Sunday Dec. 24 8am-4pm

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Turkey Cooking Tips

Turkey Times: For roasting a whole stuffed turkey in a preheated 325°f (160°c) oven.

  KG   Min./KG   Hours
 3 to 3½  60  3 to 3¼
 3½ to 4½  50  3¼ to 3½
 4½ to 5½  45  3½ to 3¾
 5½ to 7  40  3¾ to 4
 7 to 10  30  4 to 4½


Grilling Guide and Tips

Grilling Guide and Tips

  • Make sure you have enough propane
  • Pre-heat the grill then brush clean
  • Lightly oil the bbq grill so the meat does not stick
  • Put cooked BBQ’d food on a clean platter
  • Start with quality meat from Dietrich’s

To my mind, no other method of cooking can improve on a steak. Cook over a fierce heat to start with, so that the surface of the meat becomes flavored with delicious coating as the juices inside rise to the surface and caramelize. Lower the heat and continue gently cooking until the required degree of doneness is reached.