• Hor D'oeuvres

      Our hor d'oeuvres are handmade in small batches using the finest ingredients. $14/ea or 2 for $26

    • Cranberry Goat Cheese Blooms


      A velvety smooth goat cream cheese folded with a delicious cranberry compote
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Mini Beef Wellingtons


      Puff pastry cups stuffed with beef tenderloin
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Crab Rangoon


      Alaska King Crab, Scallions with Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese filled in a Pastry Blossom
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Mushroom Caps


      Button mushroom caps filled with Italian sausage meat & cheddar cheese
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Bacon Wrapped Scallops


      Canadian sea scallops wrapped in a smoky bacon
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Spiced Apple & Cranberry Tartlets


      Chopped red gala apples seasoned with mulling spices and top with a triple cranberry
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Ginger Pear & Walnut Tartlets


      Bartlett pear spiced with ginger & brown demerara sugar, California walnuts and Gruyer cheese sauce.
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Bacon & Cheddar Soufflets


      Cheddar filled pastry cups topped with a bacon crumble
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Lobster Cunard


      East coast lobster sauteed with scallions, celery & garlic butter sauce
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Duck a L'Orange Chinois


      Chinese inspired chopped duck with soya sauce, orange, ginger, and garlic
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Pillows


      Norwegian smoked salmon blended with the finest danish cream cheese folded into a pastry pillow
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Spanakopitas


      Sauteed spinach & crumbled feta in filo pastry cups
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Curry Mango Chicken Cups


      Boneless chicken breast with sultana raisins in a rich Indian sauce
      (15 pieces per package)

    • Holiday Sides

      Add one of our sides to complete your meal

    • Gourmet Stuffing


      Apple Walnut Cinnamon Raisin
      Traditional Sage
      Apricots & Smoked Ham
      Sausage, Sage & Celery
      Herb Provencal
      English Sausage Meat
      Wild Rice & Corn Bread
      Cranberry & Cashew

    • Fresh Homestyle Gravies


      White Wine or Homestyle
      Small 500ml

    • Fresh Homestyle Gravies


      White Wine or Homestyle
      Large 1000ml

    • Fresh Home Style Cranberry Sauce


      Made from the freshest ingredients, daily.


    • Desserts

      Make your holiday complete with a delicious dessert

    • Cakes


      Huge selection of cakes from Del Sol Bakery, Eastway Bake Shoppe, Dufflet Pastries & LaRocca Creative Cakes

    • Side Dishes

      Add a delicious side dish to any one of Dietrichs' meats

    • Side Dishes


      $7.99/ea or 3 for $22.00
      Sweet potatoes with caramel drizzle
      Maple glazed carrots
      Garlic mash potatoes
      Butternut squash with brown sugar crumble
      Mashed sugar turnips
      Roasted red skin potatoes
      Buttered corn
      Parisienne potatoes with herbs
      Green beans almondine
      Scalloped potatoes
      Parsnips with brown butter
      Oven roasted brussel sprouts with cranberry glaze
      Roasted rustic root vegetables

    • Holiday Meals

      Order in advance (please allow 2 weeks). Changes can be made with additional charge. Meats not cooked.

    • Traditional Turkey Dinner


      16-18 lbs fresh free range turkey
      2x 1.25 lbs fresh sage onion stuffing
      1 liter homemade turkey gravy
      1½ lbs butternut squash with brown sugar crumble
      2x 2lbs garlic mash potatoes
      1½ lbs green bean almondine
      1 small cranberry sauce
      1½ lbs maple glazed carrots
      1 truffle royale cake & 1 apple pie
      (feeds 8-10)

    • Festive Holiday Feast


      14-16 lb fresh free range turkey
      4-5 lb maple glazed and sliced black forest ham
      2x 1.25 lbs sage and onion stuffing
      1 liter homemade turkey gravy
      215 ml fresh cranberry sauce
      1½ lb butternut squash with brown sugar crumble
      2x 2 lb garlic mashed potatoes
      1½ lb maple glazed carrots
      1½ lb cranberry glazed Brussels sprouts
      1 truffle royale cake & 1 apple pie
      (feeds 8-10)

    • Our Famous Holiday Ham


      9-10 lb (average) boneless black forest smoked ham pre-sliced & glazed with one full Canadian maple glazed brown sugar & spice glaze decorated with fruit
      2x 2 lb scalloped potatoes
      1½ lb maple glazed carrots
      1½ lb buttered corn
      1½ lb cranberry glazed Brussel sprouts
      1 truffle royale cake & 1 apple pie
      (feeds 8-10)

    • Holiday Roasts

      Roasts are always a treat when celebrating with friends and family

    • Turducken


      A fresh chicken breast deboned with traditional stuffing, layered inside a fresh duck breast deboned, layed inside a fresh free-range turkey deboned
      (approx. 16lb)
      *Two weeks in advance required for order.

    • Plain Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast


      Fresh, free-range turkeys
      *Order one week ahead

    • Stuffed Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast


      Fresh, free-range turkeys stuffed with your choice of any of our gourmet traditional stuffing
      *Order one week ahead

    • Turkeys


      Fresh Free-Range Canada Grade 'A'
      Most sizes available during holidays
      (Order one week ahead)

    • Festival Ham


      Boneless Black Forest smoked ham, pre-sliced, then glazed with your choice of honey mustard, orange marmalade or Canadian maple& decorated with fruit
      Whole 9-10lb; Half 4-5/lb

    • Hotel Style Prime Rib Roast


      Cut from Alberta beef 'AA' or higher
      Aged 18-21 days

    • Bone-In Country Ham


      Olde world, European smoked

    • Crown Roast Of Pork


      Perfect for holiday entertaining

    • Spiral Sliced Ham


      Spiral sliced, bone-in ham

    • Wellingtons


      Beef Wellington
      Salmon Palpata Wellington
      Chicken Wellington