All products in this list are gluten-free

Note: Some products may not be available. Please refer to the product's corresponding page for more information.


All Beef​ (no seasoning)

Ultimate Prime Rib Beef

Gourmet Beef

Sirloin Beef

Sage and Onion Turkey

Moroccan Chicken

Mediterranean Lamb


Spinach and Feta Pork

Sweet Italian Pork

Hot Italian Pork

Spanish Chorizo Pork

Sundried Tomato and Basil Pork

Texas Jalapeño Pork

Oktoberfest Pork

Canadian Maple Pork

Honey Garlic Pork

German Bratwurst Pork

Moroccan Chicken

Mediterranean Lamb

Turkey, Sage, Onion, and Cranberries

Shish-Kabobs: Marinated Beef

Red Wine Garlic

Shish-Kabobs: Marinated Chicken


Jamaican Jerk

Curry Mango

Lemon and Herb

Shish-Kabobs: Marinated Pork

Memphis BBQ

Shish-Kabobs: Marinated Shrimp


Curry Mango


Shish-Kabobs: Veggie

Note: these veggie kabobs are also vegetarian and vegan friendly

Pepper and Onion

Deluxe Assorted

Roasted Rosemary and Garlic Potato

BBQ Seasoned Potato